Corporate Citizenship

LP takes its role as a corporate citizen seriously. With strongly shared values and ethics, we strive to maintain the highest standards in how we treat each other, run our operations, work with our customers, and contribute to our communities.

Business Ethics

Our dedicated people put LP’s Code of Business Conduct and Ethics into action every day to do the right thing, practicing ethics and integrity.

All employees learn about and sign our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics when they join LP. Every year, all full-time salaried employees complete a Business Ethics Questionnaire, designed both to remind us of ethical obligations and to identify potential ethical issues. And we receive annual training on LP Policies and Your Employment, an online course covering values, ethics and expectations of behaviors at work.

Ethical business conduct at LP is more than a checklist or a survey. It’s deeply ingrained in our culture. In addition to guidance provided by the LP Code of Business Conduct and Ethics, which covers corruption, employees in all functions to which the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act applies receive training about the Act.

LP Confidentiality

LP encourages all employees to discuss any ethical or legal concerns in the workplace with their supervisors or functional managers. We also provide a confidential toll-free telephone number and website for employees and others to report concerns anonymously.


LP is a member of a number of national trade associations, such as: Forest Products Association of Canada (FPAC), APA–The Engineered Wood Association, American Wood Council, North American Wholesale Lumber Association (NAWLA), Composite Panel Association (CPA), and National Safety Council.

Contributions & Gifts

LP prohibits giving gifts to domestic or foreign government officials in any capacity. The use of LP funds to support candidates is also strictly prohibited in accordance with the law. There is a separate, entirely voluntary employee-funded LP PAC that may contribute to election campaigns.

Annual Report

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