Economic Responsibility

We believe that contributing to a sustainable economy is an important responsibility. We're committed to maintaining long-term value for our customers, vendors and shareholders in an ethical way.

LP is the leader in high-performance building solutions designed for use in residential, industrial and light commercial construction. LP specializes in advanced technologies to deliver quality engineered wood building materials.

Founded in 1973, LP is headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee. Today, LP is one of the leading manufacturers of premium building products in North America, with 2018 sales of $2.8 billion. We’re proud to be known for manufacturing a diversified variety of commodity and value-added specialty building products for customers who know they can count on LP for quality products and service to help them build everything smarter, better, faster and more efficiently.

LP operates 25 facilities (15 in the United States, 6 in Canada, 3 in Chile and 1 in Brazil) and employs about 5,000 people.

LP serves the new home construction and repair and remodel markets. Our customers include building products distributors, dealers, retail home centers and other building products suppliers.

We have built our success on a commitment to a solid corporate foundation, high-quality and high-performance products, and innovative, safe and sustainable business practices. We believe that sustainability means acting in a way that protects the environment, our employees and our local communities, in order to build economic prosperity today and for future generations.

LP thrives on a values-driven culture of uncompromising ethics and teamwork, including:

  • Safety, protection of the environment, compliance with all laws and ethical behavior at all times
  • Providing only quality products to our customers
  • A fundamental respect for people, including a diversity of perspectives, a high level of communications, teamwork and personal growth
  • Accountability
  • Continuous improvement
  • Push-back and challenge
  • A commitment to our communities

LP is also proudly committed to conducting our business at the highest level of legal and ethical standards. We recognize that the United States government and the governments of other countries in which we operate have laws, regulations, and policies which control the import and export of products, human trafficking and slavery, anti-corruption, bribery, extortion, kickbacks or other matters which are applicable to LP’s business activities. LP’s Code of Business Conduct and Ethics mandates that every employee, officer, director and persons authorized to conduct business for LP or on its behalf, fully comply with these laws when not in conflict with U.S. laws. LP regularly trains all employees in the standard of ethical behavior, policies, procedures and legal requirements that define the way we do business.

More information about these efforts are outlined in the California Transparency Supply Chains Act.