5 Tips to Reduce Material Waste on Job Sites

It’s said time is money, and when it comes to construction, materials equal big money too. Anytime materials end up in the dumpster due to overestimation or breakage, that means you lose money – and so do your clients. Use these tips to reduce material waste, decrease the impact on our environment, and save yourself and your clients some cash.

  • Practice advanced framing techniques. An advanced framing system can help to reduce the overall amount of building materials used while decreasing labor costs. With advanced framing, the framing members are placed only where they are needed, without compromising the overall structural integrity of the framing system.

  • Plan properly. Set aside a few minutes with your designer, suppliers and trades to calculate and specify which materials are really needed. Rather than ending up with extra materials that are thrown away or used poorly, those materials can be reserved for other projects.
  • Choose materials wisely. Some materials, such as fiber cement siding, can easily break and crack during installation if not carefully handled. LP® SmartSide® Trim & Siding is engineered to be strong and lighter weight for easier installation with less breakage. Unlike fiber cement, it cuts like traditional wood and installs using common woodworking tools for less expensive installation.
  • Take care of unused supplies. If materials are not used for a job, they can often be returned to your supplier for credit – but only if they are in good shape and can be resold. Store unused materials in a weatherproof area on the job site so they will remain in good condition if a return is warranted.
  • Reuse materials. Reduce waste by reusing materials where possible – such as cutting scrap wood down for use as drywall backing or shims, or using drywall pieces for small holes and patches.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Small changes make a big difference over the course of many projects, and fewer materials consumed is a win-win for all. Talk to your LP Building Solutions dealer about building products that will help you make the most of your resources, or call our Customer Care Center at (888) 820-0325 to schedule a product knowledge meeting with an LP representative.

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