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Building Enclosure Podcast: Craig Miles Talks Diversity in Construction

For building professionals, listening to and learning from experts on construction industry podcasts is a key way to grow in the field, explore relevant topics, and get the inside scoop on the latest innovations. The Building Enclosure podcast, called “Enclosure Experts,” recently hosted LP Building Solutions’ Craig Miles, who serves as Vice President, National Sales, OSB Marketing and Planning. 

In this short conversation, Miles and Lindsay Lewis, Editor at Building Enclosure, discussed diversity and inclusion in the construction industry. Miles also connects the issue of DEI to sustainability and covers current efforts to increase DEI in the face of widespread labor shortages.

“Our industry, like most places, lacks basic diversity,” Miles says. He also notes that, in terms of sustainability, approaches to sustainable homes differ depending on your perspective of solving problems. “More diverse people give us more diverse answers,” he adds.

Interested in more perspectives on diversity and inclusion in the construction industry? Listen to the full Building Enclosure podcast episode here.

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Taping in Tricky Areas

No matter the product you’re installing, proper technique and a few useful hints help ensure the product performs well for years to come. As an integrated WRB system, LP WeatherLogic® Air & Water Barrier represents a premium solution for building professionals. The panels install like OSB, and when the joints are sealed with LP WeatherLogic Seam & Flashing Tape, the system helps seal against water intrusion to finish the job.

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Selling STS to Homeowners

Your clients may not often see the bones of their home, so they may not be aware of the benefits that come from your choice of added-value framing and sheathing products. Furthermore, you may be used to discussing exterior options, such as siding and color, with your clients but not as practiced with sharing the features of the other products you choose.

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6 Must-Haves for Resilient Construction

There’s no question builders want their homes to endure. But times are changing, and the opportunities to look fondly upon a home you’ve built after another 30 years are being affected by climate change and the threat of increasingly more powerful storms.

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How to Choose Trim & Siding Widths

Have you ever been particularly enamored by one house and rather ambivalent toward another—even though they look practically the same? One reason for this could be the different combinations of lap siding and trim widths, which helps create a distinctive and more appealing aesthetic for the home. How does a builder choose siding width and exterior window trim width? Let’s take a look at trim and siding width options and how to choose both.