LP® SmartSide® or Traditional Wood Siding: That is the Question

Traditional wood lap siding offers beauty and charm, but LP® SmartSide® Trim & Siding has trumped those features with cutting-edge engineered wood products that offer the same benefits – and so many more. LP SmartSide engineered wood is created by treating wood strands or fiber with a resin binder for strength, and zinc borate for protection against termites and decay. The final product is bonded with a resin-saturated, water-resistant overlay.

Here’s more about the advantages that set LP SmartSide apart from wood siding.

  • Increased durability.The SmartGuard® manufacturing process helps keep out moisture for long-term durability and strength from season to season. Because it will not expand and contract, LP SmartSide requires less maintenance than traditional wood siding, which needs to be scraped and repainted regularly.
  • Increased stability. LP SmartSide resists the warping, cupping and splitting that is common with traditional wood siding.
  • Moisture and rot resistance. Unlike wood, LP Smartside has been carefully designed and site-tested to withstand the extremely wet, humid conditions of Hilo, Hawaii. Even after years of exposure to that environment, LP SmartSide products remain structurally sound.
  • Increased paint adhesion. LP SmartSide provides excellent paint adhesion and more consistent paint application thanks to its resin-saturated overlay, so paint will last much longer than when applied to traditional wood siding.
  • Fire resistance. LP SmartSide siding qualifies for use in California’s high fire hazard zones, as specified by the strict California building code.
  • Less expense. Engineered wood siding costs less than real wood. Because it also requires less maintenance, this results in savings of time and money now and in the future. 
  • More convenience. LP SmartSide is available pre-primed and ready to paint, or select from one of 12 pre-finished colors.

LP SmartSide trim and siding combine the warmth and beauty of traditional wood with the durability of engineered wood. It’s all backed by a 5/50 Year Limited Warranty. What’s not to love? For more information on LP SmartSide exterior siding products for your next project, contact an LP remodeler near you.

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