Preparing for the Rainy Season on the Job Site

Springtime is right around the corner, which means there will likely be more rainy days on the construction site. You may be familiar with materials that carry the Exposure 1 rating, but what exactly does this rating mean and why is it important during times of rainfall?

As explained by the APA Engineered Wood Association, the Exposure 1 rating refers to the “glue bond durability of a wood structural panel.” While Exposure 1 rated panels are not intended to be exposed to moisture for long periods of time, they can withstand exposure to moisture during normal construction delays.

LP offers many products that carry the Exposure 1 rating, including LP FlameBlock® Fire-Rated OSB Sheathing, LP LongLength™ and LongLength XL™ OSB Sheathing.

In addition to our Exposure 1 rated OSB sheathing products, our LP TopNotch® OSB sub-flooring is great for combating rainfall during the springtime.  Its unique RainChannel™ notch system helps drain rainwater away during construction. Plus, a moisture-resistant edge sealant is applied to all LP TopNotch products.

Don’t let the rainy season affect your product performance. Plan ahead and make sure your building materials are equipped to take on the added moisture this spring.

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