What are my finish options for LP® SmartSide® siding?

You are finally ready to start your remodeling project. As a homeowner, you have a choice on how your LP® SmartSide® Trim & Siding is finished. It can either be prefinished by one of LP’s vendors with a stock color before it arrives or your contractor can arrange to have it painted a custom color after the installation.

What are the Benefits of Each Approach?

Finishing your siding after the installation is a tried and true approach that gives you unlimited freedom to choose the right color for your home and design style. However, it puts your contractor at the mercy of weather factors such as temperature and humidity.

The prefinished siding process utilizes a factory finish treated under optimal conditions where it can be protected from temperature swings, direct sunlight and precipitation. The paint application process is carefully monitored and controlled to give each board a uniform finish and adequate drying time. This exceptional quality control ensures a better finish and is generally backed by a separate warranty from the Prefinisher. These benefits do come at an added cost.

Finish Options at a Glance:

• Most Prefinishers provide a heat-cured finish for enhanced adhesion and durability
• Eliminates the risk of painting in unpredictable weather
• Provides a more uniform, consistent paint coverage with fewer blemishes
• Gives you the option of choosing distinctive two-tone finishes

Paint On Site
• Unlimited color selection
• Is often a more cost-effective option as compared to prefinished products

LP Pre-Finish Network

Your contractor might present you with color options from one of our LP Pre-Finish Network. Each one of these vendors participates in a quality control and audit program to maintain finishing standards. And while the vendors’ materials carry their own names and warranties, always make sure the siding itself is LP SmartSide siding!

We encourage homeowners to request samples and ask for references when working with any Prefinisher to be confident in your color selection and prefinisher choice.

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