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Don't Forget Your Sunblock

Energy efficiency is nothing new to most architects and specifiers, but for those seeking an easy way to specify efficiency into a home, radiant barrier roof sh...

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What's Hot in Housing?

Housing markets across the country have been showing strong signs of a comeback with more and more buyers seeking newly built homes...

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Sealant Top Tips for Siding Installation

EW: Why are the quality and proper use of sealants important? LO: You want to protect your brand equity and reputation with those who hire you...

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Industry Spotlight: Five Star Industries

With over 25 years of experience building barns, Indianapolis-based Five Star Industries discovered a solution to provide consistent quality for its door frames...

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Bust to Boom: The Building Industry Turnaround (Infographic)

Click to view full image.With U.S...

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Siding Materials Tested Head-to-Head in Lab

Treated engineered wood siding has better impact resistance than fiber cement siding material, according to a recent residential siding evaluation...

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The Invisible Magic

When we think of all the wonders of technology in the modern world, we normally reflect on the ones we can see and touch in our daily lives: smartphones, DVRs, and the like...

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