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Fire Code Milestones

When it comes to fire codes, most architects and engineers are familiar with the here and now—the requirements that designs must meet to pass building inspectio...

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The Power of the Passive Home

Passive homes have been gaining traction since the 1990s, but they have recently been a much talked-about topic in the building industry...

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OSB vs. Plywood

In the battle for market share, a 10% advantage is considered significant. For example, Lexus has about a 10% greater market share than Infiniti in the luxury car market...

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More with Less: Code-Compliant OSB Sheathing with Structural Performance Characteristics

Meeting fire codes in zero-lot-line applications, Type III buildings, load-bearing party walls, and roof deck firewalls require fire- resistance ratings, includ...

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Preparing for Zero Net Energy: Why ZNE should be on every builder’s radar

You’ve most likely heard the building term “Zero Net Energy,” also commonly referred to as Net Zero Energy (NZE) or Net Zero Building (NZB)...

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New Case Study: Type III-B Application of LP® FlameBlock® Fire-Rated OSB Sheathing Provides Cost-Saving Solution for Denver Framing Company

We recently added a new case study to our online literature portfolio...

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Two-Story Homes Becoming the Norm

NAHB recently categorized data from the U.S...

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