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What’s New: Trends & Technology

GE High-Efficiency Topload Washer The new topload washer from GE features the industry’s largest capacity (five cubic feet) for toploading models while using l...

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Distributor Spotlight: Taiga Turns 40

The year 1973 introduced the world to the Sydney Opera House in Australia, Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon,” and one of the greatest success stories in the ...

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Builder News and Trends

The American Institute of Architects’ 2013 Convention This year’s American Institute of Architects (AIA) convention will be held in June at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver, Colo...

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The Invisible Magic

When we think of all the wonders of technology in the modern world, we normally reflect on the ones we can see and touch in our daily lives: smartphones, DVRs, and the like...

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Get Social About Building

Click to view full image. Construction Marketing Association statistics from Social Media in Construction Survey used with permission....

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Shrinkage: Less is More

EW: Why do you recommend woodframing in 4–5–story construction? CN: Wood is readily available, and it has considerable strength and durability...

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High and Dry

In the wake of recent tropical storms such as Hurricane Sandy, city, state and federal agencies are taking a closer look at flood-elevation requirements in coastal zones...

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