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Whats New - Trends & Technology

Check out these websites. New Products can shape new directions in the building industry.

Custom Color cabinetry from Danver
According to Danver, their low-maintenance stainless steel cabinetry, now being offered in a variety of exterior finishes, is allowing homeowners and designers to create personalized, custom outdoor spaces. The manufacturer uses inks depicting the grain of the desired wood species to provide a realistic wood finish.

BORA Clamp edge by Affinity Tool Works
Affinity Tool Works, LLC, has introduced the BORA Clamp Edge, which it claims is ideal for all types of wood working, cabinet making, and professional carpentry and D.I.Y. applications. The Clamp Edge features unique swivel clamp heads to allow for cuts on slight angles while maintaining firm clamping pressure.

TOBA Pellet Stove from Wittus - Fire by Design
Wittus, the manufacturer of the TOBA Pellet Stove, describes its product as one of the most fuel efficient and easiest pellet stoves to use on the market. Every model is fully programmable and thermostatistically controlled. Wittus says the TOBA starts with a touch of a button and quietly brings a room to the desired temperature.

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