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FitzGerald Associates Architects Meets Fire Codes With  LP® FlameBlock® Fire-Rated OSB Sheathing

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FitzGerald Associates Architects Meets Fire Codes With LP® FlameBlock® Fire-Rated OSB Sheathing

Project Summary

With roots dating back 95 years, FitzGerald Associates Architects maintains a portfolio full of master-planned communities; numerous new low-, mid-, and high-rise residential buildings; commercial and industrial facilities; banks; restaurants; retail spaces; and more than one hundred conversions and restorations of historic structures. When it comes to meeting fire codes with wood-framed construction, the company specifies LP® FlameBlock® Fire-Rated OSB Sheathing.

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Project Objectives

  • Create designs that help wood-framed buildings meet building code requirements with a proven sheathing product
  • Provide specifications crafted with durability and ease of installation in mind


Because of LP FlameBlock Sheathing’s proven performance, FitzGerald specifies the product for a variety of applications in both multifamily and single-family projects, said Michael Cody, an AIA Principal for the firm.

“We started using FlameBlock sheathing for these applications because of its acceptance in the marketplace. People know about the product—contractors are familiar with it, and it’s accepted in the building code,” explained Cody.

“We also specify the product because of its durability, which has been proven in the marketplace. It’s going to stand up during construction. Some products have problems being exposed to weather during construction, but FlameBlock sheathing does not.”

LP FlameBlock sheathing carries an Exposure-1 classification, meaning it’s designed to withstand exposure to moisture during normal construction delays. Created by applying a proprietary non-combustible, fiberglass-reinforced Pyrotite® layer to LP OSB panels, LP FlameBlock sheathing is a PS2-rated structural sheathing with a Class A Flame Spread Rating.


FitzGerald has included the product in designs for multiple projects, including both single-family and multifamily applications as codes require. Some applications have included roof decking in Type V construction, exterior fire-rated walls, exterior walls in Type III construction, and roof decks in Type II construction.

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