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Why Long Length Trim Goes the Extra Mile

At a time when the building industry is facing a labor shortage, choosing the right high performance products can significantly save time, labor and money...

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Tested Extreme: Q&A

In a remote rainforest north of Vancouver, LP product experts and two of the world’s leading kayakers embarked on the ultimate testing mission: to prove the str...

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Marketing Tips: Gearing up for the spring busy season

With the busy remodeling season just around the corner, remodelers are gearing up to lock down leads, kick off projects and work longer days on the job site...

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High-Performance Roofs and Attics Require Exceptional Teamwork

They say that “the future arrives first” in California—and its Title 24 codes are indeed propelling America toward a Zero Net Energy future...

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Architecture through the Ages Spotlight: Elizabeth Seidel

In our most recent issue of Engineered Wood magazine, we spoke with four architects who are each at various levels of his or her career...

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LP Sponsors Collegiate Urban Design Challenge

Last fall, LP co-sponsored the Nashville Civic Design Center’s (NCDC) Urban Design Studio Challenge where students from the University of Tennessee College of A...

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Is Our Freeze/Thaw Winter Damaging Your Home’s Siding?

This winter, many U.S. and Canadian cities have experienced record low temperatures followed by unexpected warm-ups...

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