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How To Choose Between Radiant Barrier Sheathing And Spray Foam Insulation

If you’re a builder weighing the choice between radiant barrier sheathing and spray foam insulation for reducing attic heat, there are many factors to consider...

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Marketing Tips to Strengthen Relationships with Homebuyers

In today’s competitive landscape, builders need to have a sound marketing strategy in place to showcase their value to homeowners...

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Balancing Durability and Design in Multifamily Properties

Multifamily projects are aiming to please two groups: residents who want stylish surroundings and property management companies that don’t want the cost and hassle of premature maintenance...

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Making the Case for OSB Sub-Flooring

Believe it or not, plywood first hit the U.S. market when Abraham Lincoln was president – and it hasn’t evolved much since those days...

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Builders Choose LP® FlameBlock® Sheathing as Townhome Construction Booms

Whether you call them “townhomes” or “townhouses”, single-family attached housing is having a great year...

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Today's Smaller, Tighter Lot Size Focuses More Attention on Fire Separation Distance

It’s no secret that many developers, architects, and home and multifamily builders are reducing lot size as one way hold down housing costs and maintain profitability...

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Architecture through the Ages Spotlight: David M. Greenbaum

In our latest issue of Engineered Wood magazine, we spoke to four architects with varying levels of experience to learn how different generations approach indus...

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