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Beyond Homes

When a homebuilder needs siding that maintains its strength and beauty over the long haul, the best place to look may be the storage shed. No, not in it, but at it. Storage and utility buildings typically take more punishment than residential housing. They require siding that’s more resistant to denting and rotting—without driving costs higher.

Most siding options—including brick, steel, stucco and vinyl—require structural sheathing underneath the cladding, which increases costs. Plus metal siding dents easily. That’s why many builders and manufacturers are turning to rugged LP® SmartSide® panels, which reduce costs by combining the structural sheathing and exterior siding in one piece. The substrate technology in LP SmartSide delivers other key benefits: attractive appearance, durability, and resistance to fungal decay and insect damage.

Shed and storage manufacturers are also discovering that LP SmartSide is a better choice than traditional plywood siding, thanks to its low maintenance, superior cost and looks, and strong 5/50 limited warranty (5-year, 100% labor and replacement feature and 50-year prorated limited warranty on the product).

LP SmartSide panels offer unique advantages that span the entire storage and utility building market:


Preassembled sheds are sold in Big Box stores like Lowe’s, Home Depot and Menards, where price advantage is always a big plus. LP SmartSide siding helps shed manufacturers keep quality high while controlling costs.

Golf course buildings

LP SmartSide panels are becoming the siding solution of choice at golf course pump houses, which shelter the water pumps that keep the greens looking their best. When pump houses use fiber cement siding, stray golf balls batter and dent the exterior. LP SmartSide is a cost-effective alternative for golf cart enclosures. A golf cart fleet is a sizeable capital investment … and LP SmartSide shelters it for less than steel or stucco.

Storage facilities

Americans’ appetite for personal storage continues to grow. There are now more than 2.2 billion square feet of self-storage in the U.S. Because of LP SmartSide siding’s value and durability, it’s gaining market share in this segment.


The walls of horse barns are usually constructed from 4 x 8 panels. LP SmartSide panels typically are the lowest priced option to side-wall these structures. And the panels are increasingly being used in pole barns (where farmers store tractors and other equipment) because of their ruggedness and attractive looks.

Swim park structures

Because most swim park buildings get soaked daily, they’re highly susceptible to wood rot. But the SmartGuard® technology in LP SmartSide products provides protection against rot. The product is tested in one of the world’s most rain-drenched environments and has performed beautifully for over 10 years there.

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