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Builder Spotlight - Regent Homes

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Builder Spotlight - Regent Homes

Achieving a unique, aesthetically pleasing design is a key factor in the success of any housing development. For Nashville-based Regent Homes, that success is rooted in the Southeastern architectural feel of its mixed-use neighborhoods, created in part through the use of engineered wood trim and siding materials.

Founded in 2004, Regent Homes is the sixth largest builder in the greater Nashville, Tenn., area. According to president David McGowan, Regent stands apart from other area builders thanks to its timeless architectural designs and the company’s commitment to traditional neighborhood developments.

Regent relies on engineered wood siding to provide its communities with a Southeastern architectural feel in its neighborhoods. “We really believe siding brings warmth to a building. Brick is solid, but a lot of it has a cold color. By adding siding and trim elements you can really bring a house to life,” McGowan said. “We’ve used a number of siding products over the years, including fiber cement and vinyl. We’ve found engineered wood siding to be the most durable.”

To achieve its goal of creating traditional neighborhoods, McGowan said Regent targets its communities toward specific consumer groups from various income levels by offering mixed-use developments with a varietyof housing options, including single- family homes, townhomes, and condos.

In addition to timeless design elements, Regent has also developed its own efficiency, durability and sustainability standard: the Regent Homes EnergySmart Program. Through this initiative, McGowan said Regent produces homes that exceed ENERGY STAR requirements and industry-standard Home Energy Rating (HER) scores. According to McGowan, the EnergySmart Program enables Regent’s customers to qualify for an energy-efficient mortgage.

Regent Homes attributes part of the success of its designs and its EnergySmart Program to a number of engineered wood products, including LP® SmartSide® Trim & Siding, LP® TechShield® Radiant Barrier Sheathing, LP® TopNotch® Sub-Flooring, and LP® Solidstart® LSL & LVL. ■

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