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Industry Spotlight: Five Star Industries

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Industry Spotlight: Five Star Industries

With over 25 years of experience building barns, Indianapolis-based Five Star Industries discovered a solution to provide consistent quality for its door frames—a product many home builders have been using for years, LP® SmartSide® 2000 Series Trim.

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“I see this product eliminating a lot of my door repairs because the material holds up better,” said Ryan Gettum, Five Star’s operations manager. “It gives our customers a door that will have the same consistent longevity as the rest of our building materials.

“In the past we used pine for our door frames. There’s a lot of hand sorting involved to get boards without defects when using pine. Switching to SmartSide trim has provided us with a stable material that helps increase our efficiency and production. We don’t have to cull through boards. Now I can just pick up the trim, cut it and put it together.”

After finding success with LP SmartSide Trim, Five Star turned to the company’s Outdoor Building Solutions line of products, including LP® ProStruct® Floor with SmartFinish® treatment.

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“We started using the products in 2011, and we’ve seen the most success with ProStruct,” Gettum said. “In the past when a customer wanted a treated floor, we’d use green treated plywood. We had trouble finding the product in the right size, and sometimes the pieces would fall apart. It often made building difficult. With the tongue-and-groove ProStruct, we have stronger, easier-to-build floors. There are no voids like plywood, no veneer cracks, and the product doesn’t delaminate.”

Five Star offers eight styles of backyard structures from the “Cottage Series” to the “Do-It-Yourself Series” at 12 retail locations throughout the Indianapolis area. The company offers a standard five-year warranty on all backyard structures. n

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