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Lessons Learned from Overseas

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Lessons Learned from Overseas

Because of its strength and versatility, engineered wood has many applications in addition to its traditional uses in the building industry. Companies in the U.K. and Holland are finding unique ways to utilize engineered wood to meet their needs.

U.K. – Using rim board as a floor cassette solution

In the United Kingdom, Wyder Engineered Timber Systems is using engineered rim board to create flooring cassettes, which are then dropped into homes via a crane. Because LP® SolidStart® Rim Board is available in sizes that match standard floor depths in the U.K., the product is a great fit.

The rim board forms the perimeter of the floor zone, gives the floor cassette rigidity, and meets regulations for fire and sound.  Because it’s available in longer lengths (12 meters), the rim board requires fewer joints and produces less waste.“Viewed against solid timber rim boards, engineered wood rim boards are much more robust, consistent and better environmentally in their use of wood fiber,” said David Williams, sales manager for Wyder.

Holland – Meeting the needs of the door industry

In Holland, DPW Te Paske is using LP® SolidStart® LSL boards to meet the needs of the door manufacturing industry. By planning and cutting the LSL into stiles for the door industry, the product meets the industry’s tolerance standards of 0.1 mm in width and thickness. LP SolidStart LSL offers up to 1.75E grade wood—the highest rating in the industry—allowing DPW Te Paske to provide its clients the strongest LSL available, helping to prevent bending and warping.

Because LP SolidStart LSL allows the company to deliver small quantities, DPW Te Paske is able to help door manufacturers maintain lean operations. Currently, LP SolidStart LSL is primarily used in Holland as a stabilizer in high doors, fire doors, climate doors or anti-burglary doors, but DPW Te Paske sees more uses on the horizon.

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