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On Fire in California

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On Fire in California

Wildland-Urban Interface codes in California limit the options architects and homebuilders have for building materials, but Taiga Building Products is finding ways to make life easier for homebuilders who want to avoid the hassles of gypsum sheathing.

Gypsum and fiber cement are frequently employed for their fire-resistant properties, but many homebuilders would rather deal with a wood product that’s light and easy to install.

Fortunately, Taiga Building Products is looking out for homebuilders with a contractor-friendly option that is rated for flame protection. The company is now educating architects and other specifiers throughout Northern California about the advantages of LP® FlameBlock® Fire-Rated OSB Sheathing.

“I think FlameBlock is the right product at the right time,” said Pat Zan, manager of California operations for Taiga. “It’s innovative, and I think it’s going to be a winner.”

LP FlameBlock Sheathing is an OSB product with a Class A Flame Spread Rating. A strong coating of non-toxic magnesium oxide cement and fiberglass makes it fire resistant, in compliance with California’s strict codes. And yet, installers can cut and nail LP FlameBlock Sheathing in the same way they handle ordinary OSB.

“It paints really nicely, too, making it an excellent choice for open soffit applications,” added Zan.

Taiga first started carrying LP FlameBlock Sheathing in March 2010. And its popularity is spreading like, well, wildfire. Taiga reports that orders have grown every month. Now that LP FlameBlock soffit is available, the company is eager to see additional LP FlameBlock products introduced to the market.

Primarily associated with Canada, Taiga operates distribution centers in Sanger and Rocklin that cover 150 dealers in Northern California from Reading to Bakersfield, as well as Western Nevada. The company’s mission is to move building products from supplier to retailer more efficiently than anyone else in the industry—and at the right price.

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