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Outdoor Building Solutions

When Homeowners or developers want a backyard shed to be part of a construction job, they can either build it or buy one pre-made from a manufacturer. Either way, they're looking for the same things from the shed's construction–durability.

More specifically, they want a building material that can stand up to the elements without driving up the overall price of the shed. The most common choices are untreated plywood, vinyl, metal, and engineered wood.

Vinyl has certain advantages such as reduced maintenance as well as a strong resistance to termites and fungal decay. However, it has only minimal resistance to impact and other damage, especially during hail.

Metal sheds are usually attractive because of their price and unattractive because they’re, well, unattractive. They also can have trouble in high winds or even with light snow loads. Attaching shelves or hooks to the interior walls can be a pain, and rust can also be a problem.

Untreated plywood is strong and fairly easy to cut and install. Plywood also has the impact resistance to stand up to hail, but over time it may split, delaminate, or succumb to fungal decay and termites.

Finally, there’s engineered wood. Treated to resist fungus and termites, engineered wood offers strength and beauty that last in harsh weather like snow and hail. All of the same advantages that make engineered wood panels a smart choice for home exteriors apply to sheds as well, including advanced technology manufacturing processes, minimal waste, and ease of construction.

“Home aesthetics shouldn’t stop at the back door, which is why we’ve designed our complete line of outdoor building solutions with beauty in mind,” said Mike Maddern, segment marketing manager with LP Building Products. “It starts with our SmartSide wood panels, which come with a paint ready surface and a deep cedar grain texture, as well as a number of interior coverings that offer a more inviting, professional, and finished appearance. It also includes our reflective roof sheathing and finished floors.”

Reflective roof sheathing has a thin ply of aluminum attached to the underside of the roof panel. As a result, the panel is effective at reducing the sun’s radiant heat from reaching the interior air of the shed, keeping the structure cooler in the summer heat. As an added bonus, the reflective surface helps brighten the shed’s interior for increased visibility.

Engineered wood also makes an attractive flooring product without knots or voids. Consider using a treated, finished product with a tough overlay for a professional grade appearance.

Certain manufacturers make it simple to select engineered wood building materials specifically designed for sheds and other non-residential structures. For example, the LP® Outdoor Building Solutions line offers a variety of LP® SmartSide® panels for interior and exterior use, including panels with SilverTech™ technology to help brighten the interior of the structure; panels with SmartFinish™ technology to provide a uniform, clean interior appearance; and CarraraStucco™ exterior finish panels built on LP SmartSide. The line also includes LP ProStruct™ Roof Sheathing with SilverTech technology, and LP ProStruct™ Floors with SmartFinish™ technology.

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