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Returning Home

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Returning Home

When it comes to honoring those who have fought for our country, it’s impossible to repay the sacrifices that have been made. But many organizations are bringing builders and manufacturers together to recognize these soldiers.

Wounded Warrior Project
Almost 42,000 of our servicemen have been injured in Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom, and the founders of Wounded Warrior Project (WWP) have made it their mission to provide programs and services to meet the needs of these soldiers.

One such program is the Soldier Ride, an initiative that provides adaptive cycling opportunities across the country to help veterans restore their physical and emotional well-being. Lend Lease—a leading project management and construction company that oversees the largest share of privatized housing within the U.S. military—has been a major sponsor of the Nashville-based Soldier Ride since its inception in the city.

Not Alone
Since the war in Iraq and Afghanistan began, suicides by returning soldiers have been growing. Founded in Nashville, Tenn., in 2009, Not Alone serves soldiers and their loved ones in 20 states, offering direct support; training, education and outreach; and adaptive programs consisting of rehabilitative events and retreats.

Not Alone aims to empower soldiers, veterans and their families by providing non-discriminatory, no cost support, programs and resources to help them face the challenges of life after war.

Operation FINALLY HOME (OFH) makes it easy for builders and manufacturers to get involved by providing custom-made, mortgage-free homes for veterans and widows of the fallen. The program works with Veterans Affairs and the Department of Defense to hand-pick veterans who will receive homes

Double-amputee combat veteran Staff Sgt. Shaun Meadows will be receiving a home later this year in Lynnville, Tenn. Goodall Homes in Nashville, Tenn., will build the Meadows’ new home in Lynnville with the help of lead sponsor and materials donor LP Building Products.

Get Involved
“These organizations are filling a very present need within our community, giving back to those who have sacrificed so much for our country,” said Rick Olszewski, executive vice president of specialty products,sales and marketing for LP Building Products. “LP has been honored to work with these organizations to serve our country’s soldiers. We encourage all Engineered Wood readers to consider giving to these organizations or others like them.”

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