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The Invisible Magic

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The Invisible Magic

When we think of all the wonders of technology in the modern world, we normally reflect on the ones we can see and touch in our daily lives: smartphones, DVRs, and the like.

However, technology in our industry goes beyond computerization to the invisible technologies that have transformed today’s building materials into scientific innovations.

Engineered wood sub-flooring, for example, helps builders make floors more stable and less squeaky, even if the difference is invisible once the floor is complete. It’s just one of many value-added OSB products that cost a little more in terms of money and give back a lot more in terms of performance.

A great deal of research and development went into making an engineered wood siding with the right combination of zinc borate additives, hydrophobic waxes, and exterior grade resins; the right engineered dimensions and orientation of the strands and wood fibers used in the products; and an overlay which contributes to the look of natural wood.

The stationary steam injection press is another unsung hero of technology, allowing for a uniform cure and more even density gradient throughout an engineered wood product such as laminated strand lumber (LSL).

Technologies like these have helped transform our industry, allowing us to build more efficiently and improve on our business practices. As a professional homebuilder or architect, you have the opportunity to really get to know the technology behind engineered wood and how these products help you build better homes.

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