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Keeping Floors Code-Compliant

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Keeping Floors Code-Compliant

According to the latest ICC data, only half of the states in the U.S. have enacted the 2012 or 2015 versions of IRC code. But for those who have, there’s a new hurdle in meeting fire code. An estimated 20% of new single-family homes have unfinished basements – and 2012/2015 IRC code effects I-Joist floor assemblies above unfinished basements.   LP FlameBlock I-Joists meet the requirements of Section R501.3 of the 2012 IRC (Section R302.12 in the 2015 IRC) without the need for attaching a gypsum ceiling or installing sprinklers.

Now there’s an easy way to achieve compliance: the new LP® FlameBlock® I-Joist. It’s a ready-to-install solution that protects an LP® SolidStart® joist with a layer of patented, noncombustible Pyrotite®.

Some competitive products can be incorrectly installed with the wrong flange up, but LP FlameBlock I-Joists install easily with either flange up.

With LP FlameBlock I-Joists, construction crews can cut and drill joists like they always have – plus use standard hangers. When cutting holes in the web for HVAC and plumbing use standard installation instructions – and the cut areas require no additional treatment.

LP FlameBlock I-Joists feature a 2½″ flange for easier handling and more nailing/glue surface – and the thicker web makes finished floors feel firmer.

Best of all, the LP FlameBlock I-Joist is a ready-made solution that eliminates the hassle (and extra time) of a field-applied solution. That’s great news for builders in the 25 states that require fire protection of floors over unfinished basements. But what about the 25 states that are operating on pre-2012 code?

Code adoption does take time, but it’s good to know that LP has a proven solution when lagging states finally do adopt 2012/2015 IRC standards.

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