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The Importance Of Vapor Permeability In Building Envelopes

Since 1898, the American Society for Testing and Materials (now called ASTM International) has developed technical standards for a wide variety of building materials...

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How “Attainable” Are New Homes?

When people talk about home “affordability” it boils down to one number: the asking price. But home “attainability” is a more complex equation...

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How “Skilled” Do Millennial Workers Need To Be?

Across all industries, Baby Boomers are retiring at the rate of 10,000 per day...

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LP® SmartSide® Builder Spotlight: Dustin McLoud, Highland Builders

In case you missed it, we’re highlighting the recent winners of the “Show Us Your LP® SmartSide®” Contest, which asked industry professionals to submit photos o...

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2019 International Builders' Show Recap

LP Building Solutions was at the International Builders’ Show (IBS) last week, giving attendees unexpected opportunities to interact with LP products...

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Tips For Increasing Winter Remodeling Business

Winter can be an ideal time for many home remodeling projects. Increasing your business often starts with customer education...

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Trends To Watch This Year In Single-Family Homebuilding

The vitality of single-family homebuilding in 2019 will depend on many things that are out of the industry’s control: how often the Fed raises interest rates, w...

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