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Facts & Figures

Wood is …

  • 4 times more efficient as an insulator than cinder block
  • 6 times more efficient than brick
  • 15 times more efficient than concrete
  • 306 times more efficient than steel
  • 1,770 times more efficient than aluminum

$200 billion The amount of money that the forest products industry contributes to the economy while providing jobs for one and a half million Americans.

17% The amount a homeowner or contractor can save on heating and cooling costs by sealing an insulating.

100ºF the amount roof surface temperature can be lowered by installing a radiant barrier.

1/3 more wood is grown in the United States each year than is used or lost to natural causes.

10 Million The number of homes that could have been powered by the energy saved with ENERGY STAR® products last year.

41% of all replanted forest acreage is done by the forest products industrty. That works out to more than 1 billion trees a year, or about 3 million trees planted every day.

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