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Bringing 3-D Reality to the Screen

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Bringing 3-D Reality to the Screen

Making movies in 3-D is quickly becoming the norm, and with LP® Solutions™ Software it is one of the key features designers enjoy.

“I use the 3-D aspect quite often,” said Aaron Hulse, engineer design technician with Huttig Building Products in Portland, Oregon. “With this software, it is a very quick transition from 2-D to 3-D.”

Hulse knows the program inside and out. He’s worked with it since its beta version and is one of three LP Solutions Club 1,000 members, meaning he’s used the program to create more than 1,000 designs. There are a number of other designers well on their way to the 1,000 mark.

He said that once he learned the software, it was incredibly easy to use.

“It’s faster than any of the software I’ve used prior,” Hulse said. “It is very easy to manipulate different layers, and it is very customizable.”

Luke Wong, EWP Software Application Manager at LP Building Products, said the ease of use is often the first thing a designer will comment on when beginning to use the software.

“It is absolutely user friendly,” Wong said. “It is an object-oriented program, so if you move one item in the floor system, other objects affected move or adjust automatically.” This feature, called parametric modeling, allows a user to change and rearrange objects while maintaining the necessary connections and proper relations to other objects.

Wong also said the 3-D aspect is a huge advantage, allowing users to see different layers in the design and immediately find potential errors, reducing the likelihood of mistakes. It is true “3-D work” and an integrated design feature, allowing designers to easily work in 3-D, as well as easily shift from 2-D to 3-D views.

This, coupled with the use of photos, gives renderings a life-like appearance, showing designers exactly how the program is going to frame the house.

According to Hulse, there is an engineering feature that allows users to design floors and includes load transfers from floor to floor in multi-story projects.

LP Solutions Software is intended as an affordable, whole-house CAD-based design program offered to LP® SolidStart® Engineered Wood Products customers. Like any good software program, it is intended to be practical and easy to learn, as well as intuitive.

Added features such as materials list generation and links to business and accounting software help to streamline processes, which increases efficiency and saves money.

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