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Top 5 Twitter Accounts Every Builder & Architect Should Follow

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Top 5 Twitter Accounts Every Builder & Architect Should Follow

Who has time to stay connected on all these sites? The answer is, “You do!”

Walk around any construction site and you’ll see builders, contractors, engineers and architects carrying smart phones in their tool belts or back pocket. Accessible through those phones is a wealth of real-time knowledge and information within the “Twittersphere” just waiting to be tapped.

Whether you’re new to Twitter or are an active user, check out these five Twitter handles to follow for the latest industry updates. Find your favorites and follow along for “headline” tweets or delve deeper for more in-depth articles and discussions.

@NAHBHome – The National Association of Home Builders frequently puts out in-depth analyses of the home building industry, allowing you to stay up to date on the latest economic trends.

@AIANational –The American Institute of Architects National page as well as their correlating local chapters can be hugely beneficial for architects. Even if you don’t have time to check out the website every day, following their Twitter handle can help you quickly and conveniently stay up to date on AIA conferences, events and current architectural issues.

@IntlCodeCouncil– Because code compliancy is a critical element of the building industry, all builders, architects, engineers, and specifiers should always stay informed on the latest regulations and building standards.

@HanleyWoodThis publisher of industry trade magazines like Builder, Architect, and Multifamily Executive has developed its own analytics and construction industry database.  You’ll want to follow them to stay up to date on data-driven studies and marketing insights within the industry.

@APAWood – APA - The Engineered Wood association is your resource for design information if you often work with engineered wood building systems. They also post the latest from the APA Design Circle, which runs project spotlights, upcoming events, and more.

And of course, don’t forget to follow @LPCorp and @Engineered_Wood on Twitter for the latest updates, blog posts and industry thought leadership from LP!


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