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A Little Something Extra

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A Little Something Extra

With value-added OSB products designed specifically to speak to industry needs such as ease of installation, time and labor savings, less waste and convenient ways to meet codes, builders are equipped to build more efficient, higher quality homes in 2013 and beyond.

Over the past few years, many OSB manufacturers focused on the further development of value-added products. As the industry begins to make a comeback, education is key in helping industry professionals understand the benefits, competitive advantages and overall cost savings associated with products like enhanced sub-flooring, radiant barrier sheathing, longer length OSB and fire-rated cementitious coated sheathing panels.

Advance resin systems and unique features of the tongue-and-groove profile to help prevent moisture damage and edge swell when it rains during construction have already played a role in positioning OSB sub-flooring as a preferred value-added product, saving builders time and labor. Such features have allowed manufacturers to further back OSB sub-flooring products with no-sand guarantees. Because of these benefits, value-added OSB sub-flooring is moving to become the new category standard.

The popularity of value-added OSB products doesn’t end there. Radiant barrier sheathing’s use is expected to continue rising as builders work to increase the energy efficiency of new homes. The use of a radiant barrier can reduce monthly cooling costs by up to 17 percent by helping to prevent radiant heat in the roof sheathing from entering the attic and may lower HERS scores. Further, as educated homebuyers seek out energy-efficient homes, many builders choose to add radiant barrier sheathing as a standard feature in their attics, a competitive advantage when targeting these consumers.

Engineered for the vertical installation of walls, longer length OSB panels allow for easier sheathing installation for structures with higher ceilings, requiring fewer panels and leaving fewer seams, less waste and lower labor cost. Tying the top and bottom wall plates together, longer length OSB panel walls are stronger, eliminating the need to add fillers or blocking material in order to meet building codes, a particular advantage in high wind and seismic areas.

Value-added OSB products are also playing a larger role in fire-resistant construction intended to help preserve a building’s structural integrity long enough to allow occupants more opportunity to evacuate. Fire-rated cementitious coated (FRCC) OSB sheathing can offer a cost-effective means of meeting certain fire and structural codes as compared to some other common methods and assemblies.

Structural FRCC OSB sheathing panels consist of a non-hazardous, non-combustible cementitious coating that is bonded to one or both sides of a sheet of OSB. The fiberglass-reinforced coating increases the strength, bending stiffness, shear capacity, and impact resistance of the panels, resulting in a product that combines fire resistance and structural performance in a single panel—a key advantage in wall and roof sheathing applications. In addition to these benefits, FRCC OSB installs like regular OSB and is Exposure-1 rated to withstand weather during normal construction delays.

With value-added OSB products designed specifically to speak to industry needs such as ease of installation, time and labor savings, less waste and convenient ways to meet codes, builders are equipped to build more efficient, higher quality homes in 2013 and beyond. Proven, tested products backed by reputable brands and solid warranties further ensure that value-added OSB products are well worth the investment.

Visit LP University to learn more about value-added OSB products.


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Some enhanced products like LP® TopNotch® Sub-Flooring have special features to help drain rainwater and protect against moisture absorption and edge swell.

Radiant Barriers

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LP® TechShield® Radiant Barrier Sheathing, the number one brand of radiant barrier roof sheathing in the United States, can lower the temperature in an attic by as much as 30 degrees. This can help improve the efficiency of in-attic HVAC equipment and potentially reduce the necessary tonnage of the entire system.

Long Length OSB

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LP® LongLength OSB Sheathing is designed so that one continuous panel can be installed vertically to cover a wall from top to bottom, which can help builders reduce waste and increase labor efficiency while also helping to meet code requirements in wind and seismic zones.

Fire-Rated Cementitious Coated OSB Sheathing

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LP® FlameBlock® Fire-Rated OSB is an ICC certified structural sheathing with a Class A Flame Spread Rating that offers structural performance and fire resistance in one panel. The product is also Exposure-1 rated, provides burn-through resistance, and contains no hazardous chemicals.

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