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Avoid Wasting Resources on the Jobsite

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Avoid Wasting Resources on the Jobsite

When most building industry professionals think of the term “green building,” they’re usually referring to a certain building design or the materials used. While the design and materials within the home are very important, the actual installation process can impact a home’s carbon footprint as well.

Mike Laliberte, president of Construction Instruction, covers this topic in an article called “Countdown to Quality,” where he addresses the top five most common errors builders make when it comes to energy, health and resource efficiency.

According to the article, the number one mistake that builders make is wasting resources on the jobsite.

“Our industry uses so much stuff to create places to live. We can and should be more efficient with what and how we use these resources,” states Laliberte.

How do we solve this? Practicing advanced framing techniques can help to reduce the overall amount of building materials used. Also, look at the products that you’re tossing into the dumpster and see if they can be repurposed for blocking, cripples or header blocks.

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