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Burn Baby Burn! Live Burn Event Showcases LP FlameBlock in Action

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Burn Baby Burn! Live Burn Event Showcases LP FlameBlock in Action

Last Thursday, LP hosted an exciting event in the Bay Area to showcase the structural performance and burn-through fire resistance of LP FlameBlock Fire-Rated OSB Sheathing. At the event, building industry professionals gathered in Pleasanton, CA to see a controlled, side-by-side live product demo comparing a structure composed of regular OSB sheathing versus a structure made of LP FlameBlock.

During the burn, viewers were captivated as flames overtook the non fire-rated structure, while the structure made of LP FlameBlock hardly burned. While the smoldering remains of the OSB structure were barely standing, a firefighter was able to safely place his bare hand on the LP FlameBlock structure since the Pyrotite coating releases moisture when heated, turning to vapor to slow the spread of heat and flames.

The event also included an AIA-certified course on using fire-rated cementitious-coated OSB, like LP FlameBlock, in wall and roof sheathing applications led by Mike Huddy, PhD. In particular, this course benefits individuals working in the architecture and code compliance fields, since these applications can be used to meet fire codes while still providing design flexibility. 

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