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Distributor Spotlight:  Taiga Turns 40

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Distributor Spotlight: Taiga Turns 40

The year 1973 introduced the world to the Sydney Opera House in Australia, Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon,” and one of the greatest success stories in the Canadian homebuilding industry—Taiga Building Products.

This year, Taiga is celebrating its 40th anniversary. Born as a wholesale lumber trading company, Taiga hit the ground running with C$42 million in revenue in just its first year.

The next year Taiga opened its first distribution centre in Calgary and expanded its product lines to include panel products, mouldings, doors, and other specialty products in addition to lumber. Fourteen more distribution centres throughout Canada followed, plus two more in California.

Today, Taiga is the largest independent wholesale distributor of building products in Canada, providing high-quality products to more than 4,000 building supply dealers in Canada and 1,000 in the U.S., as well as industrial manufacturers around the world. With revenues over $1.3 billion annually, the company also produces its own treated lumber products for outdoor applications such as housing, fencing, landscaping, and roofing.

Beyond its success in business, Taiga also supports sound forestry practices and effective forest management for future generations. By promoting OSB and other engineered wood products, Taiga is minimizing waste in both the manufacturing and installation of building products. And the company also uses waste wood, reclaimed plastic pallet wrap, and recycled plastic grocery bags to manufacture decking products.

Taiga credits its 40 years of success to its ability to enhance the competitiveness of its retail and industrial customers by moving building products from supplier to retailer more efficiently than anyone else in the industry. Congratulations to everyone on the Taiga team for 40 amazing years!

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