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Engineered Wood Magazine: Winter 2016 Issue

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Engineered Wood Magazine: Winter 2016 Issue

This month, we’ve released our semiannual Engineered Wood magazine. This building industry magazine from LP Building Products covers a wide range of subjects, highlighting the newest building, construction, and architectural industry trends. In the Winter 2016 Issue, you’ll find articles including:

  • Meeting Code, Exceeding Expectations with FlameBlock: As multifamily housing and infill construction continue to grow in popularity fire codes are becoming increasingly strict. New techniques and materials are emerging to help the building industry build fire-resistant structures that are code compliant, aesthetically appealing, and cost-effective. (P.11)
  • LSL & Steel Delivers Strength and Stability: Wood is becoming a viable choice as the trend of Mass Timber continues to rise. Vertika Structural Engineers relied on LP SolidStart LSL to provide strength and support in their first foray into Mass Timber construction. (P. 4) 
  • Migratory Bird Conservation is a Long-Term Journey: Conservation groups are partnering with the forestry industry to help stop the decline of migratory bird species. LP is collaborating to help conservation efforts and minimize their environmental footprint. (P.18)
  • Tiny Homes, Big Opportunities: Tiny Houses are growing in popularity as homeowners are choosing to downsize. Andrew Odom, founder of Tiny r(E)volution, has been able to master this trend after finding products and a process that works. (P. 8)

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