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Getting Techy:  Virtual Reality Hits The Housing & Construction Industries

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Getting Techy: Virtual Reality Hits The Housing & Construction Industries

In 2016, we’re living in an age of “hoverboards” and self-driving cars, so it only seems fitting that the construction industry would begin to see some futuristic high-tech advancements as well. Virtual reality (VR) software has become one of the most cutting edge technological advancements within the building industry. For example, VR software can be used in multiple facets of the housing industry, from the architect’s initial design to the homebuyer’s experience with a real estate company.

Earlier this week, the New York Times published an article about a brokerage firm that is now using a Samsung Gear VR headset to allow potential real estate buyers to virtually “walk” around a space. This type of three-dimensional VR viewing capability is ideal for those moving to a new city or who simply prefer to virtually view multiple floor plans in a short amount of time.

The use of VR software extends to the commercial side as well. According to a Fortune article, building companies like McCarthy Building Company are already using virtual reality technologies in their design process. McCarthy, which designs and constructs healthcare and higher education buildings, uses VR technology to allow clients to get a realistic look at a building before it’s built. VR demonstrations can be used to make changes in the structural design before the building goes up, saving both time and money.

The next time you see someone walking around a job site with what looks like a black scuba mask, they just might be seeing the finalized construction site in a virtual world.

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