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LP Building Products Launches New LP® LongLength XL™ OSB Sheathing for Wind Zones

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LP Building Products Launches New LP® LongLength XL™ OSB Sheathing for Wind Zones

LP Building Products has launched LP® LongLength XL™ OSB Sheathing for Wind Zones, enhancing its line of value-added OSB products. As builders seek to meet codes in high wind and hurricane zones, LP LongLength XL panels offer builders a product solution that comes pre-cut for common 8´, 9´, and 10´ wall heights, with an additional 1-1/8˝.

“By introducing LP LongLength XL Sheathing to the market, we’re giving builders more choices when it comes to building in wind zones,” said Lorraine Bittles, OSB marketing manager for LP Building Products. “Not only does the product meet bracing needs, but with proper installation it also helps meet uplift requirements, all as a part of a single wall system. That means reduced material and labor costs as well as less waste.”

LP LongLength XL panels give builders a better building solution that shifts wind uplift loads through the sheathing. Appropriate for both single and multi-story applications and installed vertically, LP LongLength XL OSB panels allow builders to connect the sill plate to the upper top plate with one continuous panel and, along with an increased fastener schedule, allow for the elimination of a significant amount of hardware.

Because LP LongLength XL panels are fastened to the framing member when installed vertically, they also eliminate blocking, reduce air leakage in the home, and help builders meet challenging energy codes.

LP LongLength XL Panels are available in 48˝ x 97-1/8˝, 48˝ x 109-1/8˝, and 48˝ x 121-1/8˝.

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