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LP® SmartSide® Siding Selected as Preferred Engineered Wood Siding Brand for Remodeling

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LP® SmartSide® Siding Selected as Preferred Engineered Wood Siding Brand for Remodeling

Earlier this month, Remodeling Magazine released its 2017 Brand Leader list which highlights the top brands in 54 product categories that are used within the remodeling industry. We’re excited to announce that LP® SmartSide® siding topped the list in the engineered wood siding category for “Brand Most Heard Of,” “Used in Past Two Years,” and “Used Most Often.” The list is determined using the Remodeling Brand Use Study that polled 855 remodelers across the country to ask which manufacturers they consistently turn to for their projects. The study also asks remodelers to consider brand familiarity and product quality.

 Below are four qualities of LP SmartSide siding that make it a preferred engineered wood siding product among remodelers:

  1. Multiple decades of serving the remodeling market
    Earlier this year, LP SmartSideTrim and Siding celebrated its 20th anniversary. In 20 years, LP has sold 10 billion square feet of LP SmartSideengineered wood siding and trim. That’s 358 square miles of siding – nearly the footprint of Dallas, or eight times the distance back and forth from the earth to the moon if laid end to end. 
  1. LP® BuildSmart preferred contractor program
    The LP® BuildSmart Program rewards contractors by turning LP SmartSide product purchases into BuildSmart points. These points can be redeemed for tools, sales and estimating services, and co-branded marketing support to help builders and remodelers grow their business.
  1. Industry-leading warranty
    Remodelers can choose LP SmartSideTrim and Siding with confidence knowing our products come with a pro-rated 50-year limited warranty.  Plus, LP SmartSide products are warrantied for hail damage, a major selling point for builders and remodelers in marketing to consumers.
  1. Engineered toughness to resist harsh climates
    All LP SmartSideTrim and Siding products are treated with LP® SmartGuard® which offers four components of protection against extreme temperatures, moisture and insects. The process includes treating every LP SmartSide siding product with an advanced formula of binders, waxes and zinc borate before being bonded with a water-resistant, resin-saturated overlay.

Are you a remodeler who uses LP SmartSide Trim and Siding? Share your story and before and after photos with us. Also, check out the full list of Remodeling Brand Leaders here.

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