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Managing Moisture on the Job Site

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Managing Moisture on the Job Site

When it comes to construction, there are many unforeseen factors that can potentially complicate or halt a project. As any builder knows, moisture on the job site can cause delays and increase expenses. 

LP products are designed to deliver outstanding moisture management. Many of them have Exposure 1 certification while plywood and gypsum do not. Exposure 1 products can withstand normal moisture during construction delays, while still maintaining strength and durability.

LP TopNotch offers RainChannel Technology, a unique RainChannel notch system to help drain rainwater away during construction. In addition to the notch system, a moisture-resistant edge sealant is applied to all TopNotch products.

A great deal of time, effort, and financial resources go into the foundation of a construction project. Products like LP TopNotch help keep your project on schedule regardless of moisture exposure.

Other products such as LP TechShieldLP FlameBlock and LP LongLength OSB Sheathing are also covered under the Exposure 1 specification to withstand weather during normal construction delays. It’s a differentiator that can make all the difference.


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