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MetroStudy 2015 Projections Show Builders Need More Land

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MetroStudy 2015 Projections Show Builders Need More Land

In a recent article, Builder Magazine cited data from Metrostudy, the leading provider of research and analysis on residential real estate and construction, which showed projections for the housing industry in the coming year.

Even though 2014 has not been nearly as successful a year for home builders as previously expected, experts agree that the market should see positive changes in the market as soon as 2015, with more volume coming in 2016 and even 2017.

Metrostudy’s chief economist Brad Hunter is projecting at least a 15 percent rise in housing starts and sales volume in 2015. However, because builders need more land, that increase will come only if they expand beyond their A and B locations and push out to further C and D lots.

Additionally, if the market does see gains in 2015, high-volume builders are best positioned to capture that growth, at least early on. Smaller builders, says Metrostudy, need to be more proactive about finding and capturing more land.

Read the full article from Builder here.


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