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PCBC 2015- Connected Minds. Smart Ideas.

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PCBC 2015- Connected Minds. Smart Ideas.

We had the opportunity to host a booth at the annual PCBC trade show last month in San Diego, Calif. PCBC is a major West Coast gathering of the nation’s most prominent residential builders, developers, architects, building scientists, lenders, investors, marketers and product manufacturers. 

As an exhibitor, we were able to interact with more than 300 trade show attendees, teach about the benefits of various LP products and learn about a variety of innovative advancements happening across the industry. 

Aside from engaging with guests and industry associates, our group took home a valuable lesson in leadership from keynote speaker Simon Sinek, the inspiring author of “Start With Why.” Here are our top three takeaways from Simon’s message and what they mean to us. 

  1. You can take a good person, put them in a bad environment, and they might become bad.

     At LP, we value a vibrant and positive work culture. We strive every single day to promote a safe and enjoyable work environment. This was a powerful reminder for us to continue to work at this every day for the wellbeing of our teams.

  1. Things like trust and cooperation are not instructions. They are feelings. 

Part of what makes our industry so wonderful is the composition of family-oriented, hard-working individuals we get to work with. We strongly value the genuine relationships we have established—built on trust and cooperation. 

  1. Leadership is not a rank. Leadership is a choice. 

Our leaders at LP Building Products have an exclusive focus and commitment to our products and our teams. To them, leadership is a decision they make each day when they get out of bed. In our organization, dedicated leaders make all the difference.

After heading home from PCBC, we not only took with us industry news, we took with us a rejuvenated outlook on company culture and leadership. We took a challenge to connect our minds and garner smart ideas, the LP way. 

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