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Protect Your Reputation With Durable, Code-Compliant Buildings

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Protect Your Reputation With Durable, Code-Compliant Buildings

Meeting building code requirements is often not the easiest task. What if you could simplify that process while still protecting your bottom line, your design goals, and your time? LP® FlameBlock® Fire-Rated OSB Sheathing does just that.

LP FlameBlock OSB features an ignition-resistant Pyrotite® coating that slows the effects of heat and flames. It carries a Class A rating and a 30-minute flame spread rating, and is a code-compliant component in fire-rated interior wall assemblies, exterior wall assemblies, and roof deck applications.

But unlike other methods for meeting the code, the sheathing requires limited sacrifice.  FlameBlock OSB Sheathing offers:

o   Design flexibility: Load/span and shear-strength design values are equivalent to untreated wood structural panels of the same thickness. This provides more flexibility in the design of wall openings and more options in framing and bracing to meet structural requirements, compared to panels with reduced design values.

o   Strength: The sheathing carries design values for load/span and shear that are superior to FRT wood structural panels of the same thickness.

o   Cost and labor savings: LP FlameBlock sheathing can be used to create assemblies that are more efficient than those using multiple layers of gypsum combined with FRT plywood, helping to improve construction timelines and reducing labor cost.  The FlameBlock panel assemblies are thinner and have greater shear strength, increasing design flexibility. Finally, installation of exterior sheathing is simplified by fastening into LP FlameBlock OSB rather than a combined layer of FRT plywood and gypsum. 

o   Weather Resistance: FlameBlock OSB Sheathing carries an Exposure 1 classification and product warranty, certifying that it can withstand exposure to moisture during normal construction delays.

All of these attributes add up to one essential advantage: Protecting your company’s reputation--your reputation with current and future customers thanks to long-term durability and reliability, your reputation with installers thanks to straightforward, efficient installation, and your reputation with project owners for maintaining budgets and timelines.

Architects at FitzGerald Associates turn to FlameBlock OSB Sheathing to meet code requirements while ensuring durability for an array of single- and multi-family projects.

“For certain types of projects, we’re required to meet specific fire resistance ratings in line with building codes,” says principal Michael Cody, AIA. “We started using FlameBlock sheathing for these applications because of its acceptance in the marketplace. People know about the product—contractors are familiar with it, and it’s accepted in the building code.”

“We also specify the product because of its durability, which has been proven in the marketplace,” Cody adds. “It’s going to stand up during construction. Some products have problems being exposed to weather during construction, but FlameBlock sheathing does not.”

Indeed, from durability to efficiency to code compliance, LP FlameBlock OSB Sheathing offers a simple path to the high-performance projects that enhance and strengthen reputations.

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