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Sharing Safety

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Sharing Safety

Here at LP Building Products, safety is a core value. We promote safety in our mills, our offices and at home. As we aim to keep it at the foundation of all we do, we’ve taken to social media to share safety tips, reminders and messages to our followers—whether they are on the jobsite or at home . Follow along with us on Facebook and Twitter, and look for posts with #LPSafetyTip.

With the winter months approaching and dropping temperatures on the horizon for many regions, we’ve crafted some seasonal safety tips that can serve you, your family and your home well this winter season. 

  1. Disconnect or cover hoses from outside faucets to prevent pipes from bursting in connecting walls.
  2. Blow out candles and unplug holiday decorations when you aren’t present to prevent any accidental home fires.
  3. If you are leaving for an extended period of time, set heat no lower than 55ºF.

Do you have a safety tip to share? Please let us know by commenting on our social channels, and your tip may be featured in a future post.

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