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Six outdoor living trends with a high return on investment

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Six outdoor living trends with a high return on investment

Outdoor living is popular across the country. With fall weather sinking in, upgrades and improvements to outdoor spaces are top of mind for homeowners.

Data shows that homeowners are looking to get more out of their outdoor living spaces and are seeking layouts designed for multi-season enjoyment. During the recession, special function rooms saw a significant decline in demand. Since then however, the market has recovered and outdoor living space has topped the list of most popular special function rooms since 2013.

According to the AIA Home Design Trends Survey, popularity of outdoor living spaces has spiked 72 percent since 2012. Plus, outdoor living areas continue to generate a significant return on investment. In Remodeling Magazine’s 2017 Cost vs. Value report, outdoor living areas recorded returns of 54.9 percent to 71 percent.

As your customers look for new ways to add value to and expand the functionality of their home, consider the six outdoor living trends and features below:

  1. Decking

In 2017, six in 10 homeowners taking on landscape projects planned to include a patio, terrace or deck, according to a 2017 Houzz Survey

  1. Pool & Spa

Waterfront properties are high value.  For those without access to a beachfront or lake, swimming pools have become one of the most popular outdoor living features among homeowners.

  1. Open Access

An exciting new outdoor living trend is the creation of nearly seamless transitions between indoor and outdoor spaces. Using collapsible window walls or sliding glass doors, homeowners are able to make an outdoor living area that retains some of the comforts of an indoor area.

  1. Outdoor Fireplaces

Homeowners are looking for new ways to incorporate fireplaces in spaces other than the traditional living room, such as custom fire features built into the deck or landscape.

  1. Outdoor Kitchen

The focal point for many new outdoor living features is the outdoor kitchen. Homebuyers are seeking amenities such as an outdoor refrigerator, sink and counter space. In many cases though, outdoor kitchen areas are not as easy to build when plumbing doesn’t already exist.

  1. Multipurpose Storage Space

Homeowners are seeking convenient outdoor storage space that is both practical and visually appealing. Adding on counter space, bar tops or workshop areas to storage sheds is becoming a popular way to maximize a shed’s beauty and functionality. To take your storage space from good to great, consider LP sheds. To learn more about LP Outdoor Building Solutions, click here.


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