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Technology Advancements On The Job Site

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Technology Advancements On The Job Site

Technology has come a long way in the past few decades, and the construction industry has greatly benefitted from many of the new advancements. Construction workers are utilizing an array of technological devices, applications, and services to ensure that their builds run safely and efficiently.

For example, visual wearables allow construction industry workers to “walk through” a virtual rendering of a job site before it’s built, viewing BIM (Building Information Modeling) data hands-free and in real time. Each year, visual wearables are becoming more and more advanced. The DAQRI Smart Helmut and the Microsoft Hololens are not available until 2016 but media insiders like Ralph Barszcz of and James Benham, CEO of JBKnowledge predict they will be revolutionary technologies for the construction industry.

Other wearables like the FitBit, Apple Watch, and Microsoft Band are improving construction worker’s health and safety while on site. These sensory wearables can monitor and track heart rate, temperature, activity level and perspiration. This may be useful for construction workers putting in long hours or working in extreme temperature areas.

Construction sites can often be isolated from strong wireless networks. Many job sites are now using portable Wi-Fi hotspots like Verizon’s JetPack that allow workers to get wireless access anywhere on site. Wi-Fi hotspots ensure that construction workers and project supervisors can always access their apps and cloud-based software, where they often store blueprints.

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