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What’s New: Trends & Technology

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What’s New: Trends & Technology

GE High-Efficiency Topload Washer

The new topload washer from GE features the industry’s largest capacity (five cubic feet) for toploading models while using less energy and water than a traditional washer, according to the manufacturer. The product features an automatic detergent and fabric softener dispenser as well as an automatic stain removal guide. A communication cable, sold with the matching dryer, allows the washer and dryer to communicate so that the dryer is automatically programmed based on washer setting.

KOHLER Moxie Showerhead with Integrated Speaker

Designed in response to the growing demand for music in the bathroom, the new Moxie Showerhead syncs with any Bluetooth-enabled device to stream music directly into the shower, according to manufacturer KOHLER. The product includes a removable speaker pod and sixty angled nozzles. It installs the same as a standard showerhead.

Ultra Series Multi-Slide Door by Kolbe

The new Ultra Series multi-slide door upgrades standard patio door openings without requiring a full wall system renovation, according to manufacturer Kolbe. Stretching up to 24 feet wide and 10 feet high, the product accommodates as many as six 48-by-120-inch panels that can stack or pocket. The door is available in a range of glass choices.

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