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Why Long Length Trim Goes the Extra Mile

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Why Long Length Trim Goes the Extra Mile

At a time when the building industry is facing a labor shortage, choosing the right high performance products can significantly save time, labor and money. LP® SmartSide® trim and fascia products come in different lengths, widths, textures, profiles and substrates. Many builders and siding installers especially find value in the 16 foot trim for its additional features and benefits that help it go the extra mile on the jobsite. Learn how:

• Fewer Seams – Using 16’ foot trim can result in fewer seams for premium   performance and enhanced curb appeal, upgrading a home’s beauty for unmatched consistency. 

• Faster Installation – At a time when the industry is facing a labor shortage, finding more ways to streamline the building process and improve productivity is key. Because long length trim results in fewer seams, there is less material to cut and therefore less waste to haul off, both helping to save time on the jobsite. Plus, despite the long length, the engineered wood material makes it easy to carry multiple pieces of trim at one time for more efficiency.

• Reduced Waste – Anytime materials end up in the dumpster due to over-estimation or breakage, both you and your clients lose money. Because of its length and the LP manufacturing process, long length trim has less breakage and less wasted material.

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