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Why Prefab Homes Are Much More Than Just a Building Trend

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Why Prefab Homes Are Much More Than Just a Building Trend

In recent years, we’ve seen prefabricated homes gaining traction across the construction industry. Prefab homes refer to homes that are partially built offsite, shipped, and then fully assembled on the jobsite.

The first prefab home was built in 1833 and Sears & Roebuck started selling them in 1908. Prefabricated homes gained popularity during the Great Depression while Americans focused on buying affordable homes. Now prefab homes come in all different sizes, materials and styles and feature some of the newest technology.

Prefab homes became a time-saving resource for builders and framers during the housing market downturn. According to, pre-built wall systems have gained increased popularity during a recent labor shortage among framers. Stats from a recent study released by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) show that prefab framing saved 66.5 hours of labor versus on site construction, when comparing two identical homes.

It would make sense that a prefab home building process would be convenient for mega builders working on large subdivisions, but according to this recent Los Angeles Times article, they’re also gaining popularity among architects looking to create sophisticated, modern designs. has recently featured a number of these modern prefab homes that look anything but cookie cutter. 

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