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Why Choose an Outdoor Playhouse Over a Treehouse

by Parry Grimm, September 1, 2016

Why Choose an Outdoor Playhouse Over a Treehouse

Child development experts agree that kids need to have their own personal space, a place where they can develop a sense of independence and escape when they need to be alone. An outdoor play structure can be the perfect solution to give your kids a safe play area that doesn’t require constant supervision. The next step is to decide between a treehouse and an outdoor playhouse.

The Advantages of Outdoor Playhouses

The appeal of a treehouse is obvious to any kid, but there are definite downsides for adults to consider. Safety. Unless you hire a professional treehouse company, building a treehouse presents various situations in which you and others can be injured. The height of a treehouse is a fall risk for both kids and adults. Rope ladders and climbing ropes add another layer of risk for falls and rope burns. Treehouses built near power lines might be subject to fire hazards. With a playhouse located safely on the ground, your children can enjoy all the benefits of outdoor play with far fewer risks! Physical exercise. When you build an outdoor playhouse, kids have more opportunities to play, move around and be active. Outdoor activities reduce the amount of time spent in front of TV and other electronics, so children develop healthier bodies and stronger immune systems. Future storage options. In time, those cute kids will grow up and move away. An outdoor playhouse that has been built with quality materials can be repurposed as an outdoor storage shed, a garden shed and more, so you can still enjoy the benefits of having extra space on your property.

Build a Better Playhouse with LP

When you build a sturdy playhouse in your backyard, you will be giving children the opportunity for countless hours of fun. You’ll also give yourself the gift of more quiet time! Playhouses built with products from LP are attractive and durable. Our panel, floor and trim products feature innovations like the SmartGuard® process which helps them resist fungal decay and termites. Find out where to buy playhouses featuring LP products.  

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