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6 Clever Outdoor Entertaining Hacks for Summer

by Parry Grimm, June 8, 2017

6 Clever Outdoor Entertaining Hacks for Summer

It’s almost summertime! All around the country, homeowners are opening up their storage buildings and dusting off patio furniture and pool toys in anticipation of fun get-togethers. This summer, use these tips and tricks to help you throw a party your guests won’t soon forget.

Ward Off Pests & Sunburn

If you’re planning an all-day affair, keep guests comfortable by setting up a sunscreen and bug spray station. Just hang a bucket containing bottles of sunscreen and insect repellent from a garden hook to keep everyone protected from pests and hot summer rays.

Keep Side Dishes Bug-Free

Are you tired of bugs feasting on your carefully prepped summer salads and side dishes? Next time, serve them in lidded glass containers so that you can easily keep them covered throughout the evening. Also be sure to keep your lawn trim and dry since insects are attracted to tall grass, weeds and standing water.

Chill With Water Balloons

To keep your drinks chilled in the summer heat, put the kids’ water balloons to good use. Fill, freeze and place in buckets or bowls with your bottles and cans. Not only will they add festive color to your table, they also eliminate the mess that comes with melting ice.

Go Big With Life-Size Games

Popular board games are even more fun when they’re life-size! Check out Amazon for life-size versions of Twister, Jenga, Connect 4, chess, checkers, beer pong and more. If you don’t want to buy your own life-size game, check with your local party rental company to see if they offer giant game rentals.

Make an Outdoor Photo Booth

Hang a giant picture frame from a tree branch to create your own outdoor photo booth. Add a box of fun props and your guests won’t soon forget the fun they had at your bash! A backyard shed can also be easily transformed into a photo booth.

Try an Old-School Movie Night

Remember watching movies at the drive-in theater? Bring back memories when you host your own backyard movie night! Rent or borrow a video projector, hook it up to a good sound system, turn a white bedsheet into a screen and you’re open for business.

Store More in Your Backyard

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