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How to Store Hunting Gear Properly

by Parry Grimm, January 20, 2017

How to Store Hunting Gear Properly

Storage sheds come in handy especially at the end of hunting season, when you need a safe, dry space to stow away bulky hunting gear. However, if you dump everything in a pile in the corner after returning from your last trip, you can bet that expensive gear won’t last long! Proper maintenance and storage of all hunting gear between seasons will provide longer life and ensure you’re ready to go next year.


Keeping hunting clothes scent-free is very important. Avoid wearing clothes when not hunting to keep them from absorbing human odors. Before you store your clothes, start by washing everything with baking soda or your favorite scent-eliminating detergent. Line dry outdoors to keep clothing from absorbing unnatural scents. Once dry, fold clothing neatly and place in scent-free plastic storage bags. Place the bags in a storage bin with a tight-fitting lid to keep out pests and odors. This is especially important if storing your items in a garage or tool shed where gasoline and other strong smells are present. Some hunters put handfuls of leaves, pine boughs or commercial scent wafers into storage containers to infuse clothing with natural scent.


A well-made pair of hunting boots will last many years if properly cared for at the end of each season. Boots are not scent-free unless they are clean. Start by rinsing off dirt and debris. Clean them inside and out with a scent-free hunting soap or baking soda and water. Apply a conditioner to keep the rubber or leather from drying out in storage, and then add waterproofing treatment. Allow the boots to dry completely before storing in a cool, dry space. While storing, occasionally spray boots down inside and out with scent elimination spray. Wear boots only for hunting to prevent them from absorbing unnatural odors.


GPS units, radios, headlamps and other electronics should be checked to ensure they are in good working order and wiped down with scent-free wipes. Before storing, remove all batteries to prevent them from leaking into and corroding the unit. Optics should be wiped down, cleaned and stored in soft cases to prevent scratches.

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