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Prepping Your Shed for Spring Cleaning

by Parry Grimm, March 15, 2018

Prepping Your Shed for Spring Cleaning

Spring is so close! That means it’s almost time for the annual ritual of cleaning up and clearing out your home in preparation for a new, warmer season. As you gear up for spring cleaning, a shed can be a useful organizing resource – but you need to get it ready first. Here’s how.

Start by cleaning out your shed. Remove everything from your shed and sweep out dirt and grime. Set aside your lawn mower, trimmer and other garden equipment that you will need through the summer months. As you store items, you will want to keep this equipment near the shed entrance so you can access it easily. Get more tips on how to organize a shed.

Clear out unused items to make way for new storage. Spring cleaning inevitably means you’ll need to stow away winter gear such as holiday decorations, snow blowers, sleds and shovels. To make room for these bulky items, take stock of what’s currently taking up room in your shed. Dispose of broken items and anything you no longer use. If you have tools taking up valuable floor space, use a pegboard wall, a trellis organizer or other storage solutions to get organized quickly.

Learn how to get your winter equipment ready for storage in the off-season.

Install shelves. Storage shelving is generally an additional expense when ordering a shed, so yours may not currently have any shelves. However, adding shelves can make a big difference in how you use the space. Simple shelves can constructed with a few nails, screws and leftover plywood. Buy higher-quality material to upgrade the appearance of shelves as necessary.

Label storage bins. Once you have a shelving system installed in your shed, place storage bins to help you keep your items organized. Label each bin or shelf. This makes it more likely that you and other family members will put things back where they belong.

Organize your storage items. As you bring items into the shed for storage, but sure to put them in the appropriate bin or stack them away neatly so you can find what you need, when you need it.

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