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Storage Shed vs. Storage Unit: Which is Better for Your Storage Needs?

by Parry Grimm, May 26, 2016

Storage Shed vs. Storage Unit: Which is Better for Your Storage Needs?

We all love our stuff, and parting with those space-hogging knickknacks and rarely-used treasures can seem downright painful. When you need extra room for those items that you can’t find a place for in your home or garage (but can’t give up), your first thought might be to rent a storage unit down the road. But did you know there’s a better, more convenient solution to your storage needs? The Downsides of Off-Site Storage Units The self-storage industry is making a ton of money from homeowners who need a place to store their belongings. It’s estimated there are 2.7 billion square feet of self-storage in the U.S. (49,000 self-storage facilities), and SpareFoot forecasts the revenue generated by self-storage units in 2016 will top $32 billion. The occupancy rate of existing units is greater than 90%, with nearly 11 million U.S. households using self-storage. This means a lot of Americans are trading inconvenience for some extra space. Consider the drawbacks of self-storage units:
  • A self-storage unit is off-site. Every time you want an item out of your unit or need to put an item into storage, you have to drive to the storage facility. If you’re moving large items, you will also have to secure a moving truck.
  • A self-storage unit requires a monthly fee. As long as you need the unit, you have to pay. These monthly charges can add up, especially if you need the space for a long period of time. If you don’t pay, you lose your stuff!
  • A self-storage unit may not be totally secure. While many storage facilities are fenced and equipped with security cameras, security is not guaranteed. It can be uncomfortable to leave your belongings in a space that you can’t keep an eye on.
Enjoy Convenience, Security & Savings with a Storage Shed It’s so much more convenient to store your possessions close to home, right in your own backyard! Innovative LP® Outdoor Building Solutions® products make outdoor sheds more beautiful and durable. A shed built with premium LP products resists rot and insect damage. Your backyard shed  will  pay for itself in self-storage cost savings. Save time and money with a shed featuring LP products. If you’re ready to ditch the storage unit and get your own convenient storage shed, connect with a shed dealer near you. You can also find out how to build a shed floor or a shed foundation for your shed at www.LPShed.com.

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