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Time-Tested Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Closets

by Trisha Diewald, March 17, 2016

Time-Tested Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Closets

As soon as the weather starts to warm, we all want to air out our homes and get a fresh start for spring. If you have stuff spilling out of closets, cabinets and the kitchen junk drawer, now is time to clear the clutter! Following a few time-tested steps can make all the difference in how your home looks and feels.
  • Decide where cast-offs will go. The items you remove from your closets have to go somewhere, whether it’s to be sold, donated to your local charity or sent to the landfill. Make a box for each destination to keep your cast-offs from lingering in another corner of the house.
  • Sort one area at a time. Rather than pulling everything out of your closet at once, focus on one area at a time. Start with shoes or slacks, or plates or cups, and move on to the next area after you have conquered the task at hand. If you run out of time, you can stop without leaving a bigger mess behind.
  • Ask the hard questions. If it’s an item you love and that sees regular use, keep it. If the item no longer fits or has not been used within the past year, toss it since it’s unlikely you will use or wear it in the future. It’s OK to keep a few nostalgic items – but not an entire drawer full of them.
  • Organize clothes by color. Once you have sorted a clothes closet, organize the remaining items by function. For example, group all work clothes, weekend clothes and evening clothes, or organize by types such as dresses, blouses and jeans. Within each group, arrange the clothes by color to make it easier to coordinate outfits and to create a pleasing look.
  • Invest in organization. Closet storage systems, coordinating hangers, shoe boxes and clothing hampers will make the most out of your space and keep your closet looking tidy.
  • Get creative with storage. If you simply have too much stuff for the existing space even after purging your closets of unneeded items, a new shed can provide you with much-needed storage. With extra space to stow away off-season clothing and shoes, summer toys, holiday decorations and more, you’ll enjoy tidier and roomier closets.
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